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Rich Greene

Chief Growth Officer, Undercover Hollywood Star

Richard bridges the traditional departmental silos of business development, sales, marketing, operations, and information technology to create internal alignment across the organization, and he contributes to overall company growth.


Rich also helps to reshape the organization to stay ahead of and engage with potential buyers wherever they are in the purchase cycle. This starts with external market dynamics, customer needs and preferences, and buyer behavior.


Having worked on both the agency side and client side, as well as owning and operating his own businesses throughout his 22-year career, Rich has become a seasoned innovation and strategic growth-driven professional with the talent to lead in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments.


Rich graduated from Villanova University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Communications. He is published in The Garden of Life by the National Library of Poetry and currently resides in Wilton, CT, with his wife, Catherine, and their three sons, Alexander (7), August (4 ½) and Aiden (3).

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What makes Modus special?


Service? Someone can do it better. Price? Someone will do it cheaper. Speed? Someone will do it faster. It’s all about the stability of products or service within the portfolio—and relationships are of the highest importance. With them comes trust and loyalty from both sides of the table.