Tom Foley

VP of Digital Experience, Avid Runner

Tom has 17 years of experience in the digital world and is VP of Digital Experience at Modus. He focuses on understanding business needs and translating them into dynamic and engaging digital experiences. Tom comes from a design and development background and brings those skills to bear on all his work.



Before joining Modus Associates he was the founding Product Manager for HealthTap, a successful Silicon Valley social health startup and brought that company from initial Angel funding to a significant amount of Series B funding from some of the best firms in Silicon Valley – including Eric Schmidt from Google.


Before HealthTap he worked for for over 4 years where he was a Creative Lead and the Senior Flash Developer focusing on high profile and highly interactive projects at

  • Animal_Counterparts
  • Hidden_Talent
  • Home__Sweet__Home

What makes Modus special


It all starts with ideas. And Modus is a place where ideas start big, stay big, and eventually become reality.